Founded in 2005, the British Children’s Academy (BCA) is a family-run nursery, located close to the centre of Skopje, for children between the ages of six months and six years. The BCA is Macedonia’s only fully licensed English Language Nursery, teaching a curriculum based upon the UK’s Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS).

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We should like to be able to tell you that children never misbehave in nursery, but that wouldn’t quite be true! …

Formula, food & drinks

Our lives are very much defined by what we eat and drink.

Administering medicine

As a rule, we do not permit medicine on the school premises and if a child is ill, then we request that it remains at home until it is well again.

Parental involvement

During that time, the parent will be given much of the work produced by the child and can also freely share their own ideas and perspectives on the BCA

Nappies, wipes and cream

We use Diapers brand nappies and we always have a stock of all sizes.

Nap time

In our experience, every child has its own routine and often its favourite toy, dummy or sleeping bag. We provide fresh bed clothes for every child who sleeps during the day and permit any favourite comforters that your child may have.

Class size

At nursery age, close attention to the needs of individual children is vital and the BCA is proud of the trust we receive from parents and children alike. ...

Health and well-being

The BCA engages Avicena professionals, who provide regular screening of our children. ...


Potty-training should be a positive experience for everyone involved. It should only take a short period of time if and when the child is truly ready. ...

BCA Staff

We are very proud of our team at the BCA. Its members work tirelessly for building relationships with the children that allow for a relaxed and happy atmosphere, in which discipline is through participation rather than imposition.

A day at the nursery

Depending on the individual, the timetable does vary a little to ensure that everyone has rested and been fed well. However, an average day looks something like this…
The nursery opens at 07:00 and arrivals are anytime until 09:00, when we start the day with breakfast for all the children.
Before breakfast, ...


All fees are charged monthly in advance and must be paid by the first week of the month to which they relate. The fees are calculated in Macedonian Denars equivalents of the Euro amounts shown below. Fees are also payable during periods of absence from the nursery, including illness, holidays and during public and bank holidays. The nursery will be closed on the annual bank holidays. ...