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Welcome to the British children's academy

Our Ethos

The British Children’s Academy is an independent nursery dedicated to providing individual care and education for children. We aim to provide a warm and nurturing environment in which each child can flourish and reach their full potential. We endeavor to support every child in our care in order to ensure they achieve their utmost, develop confidence in their own abilities and a lifetime love of learning. The school’s focus is on families and children with a strong emphasis on pastoral care.  Learning is individualised, with importance placed on concrete experiences. Traditional skills such as reading, handwriting and phonics, are valued and are taught daily.  We regard these skills as essential tools, but the focus is always on creative thinking.


Our educational objectives are:

  • To create a warm caring and secure environment where children’s individual needs are supported allowing them to grow into independent confident characters who are respected and valued.
  • To promote self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To motivate them to always do their best.
  • To provide a firm foundation that equips each child with the skills and passion for lifelong learning.
  • To provide well planned activities and opportunities, allowing children to progress successfully through the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • To develop the full potential of each individual child throughout their time in our School and prepare them to move on to the next stage in their education
  • To support diversity and welcome all children recognising that each child’s learning journey is unique and individual.


our core values

At The British Children’s Academy our focus is on creating a unique learning environment, in which each child can flourish and reach their full potential and aim to ensure each child develops a love of learning during their time with us

Theme based learning

A thematic curriculum delivers teaching and learning through exciting and engaging units of work which connect and integrate traditional subject areas giving children context in their learning, as opposed to fragmented standalone subjects.

You are in good hands with us!

Our lives are very much defined by what we eat and drink. Healthy eating helps children learn, play, grow and develop. The eating habits the children learn will carry over into adulthood. At the BCA, meals are prepared freshly each day in the nursery kitchen.

Our team

Our expert teachers

All staff of The British Children’s Academy are dedicated to the development of your child.
Each classroom teacher and assistant teacher is certified and licensed in early childhood education and they all hold either a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education or Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.
Our staff actively keeps up with the latest research in early childhood education, and attends professional development programs, all with the goal of giving your children the quality education they deserve in their early years. In addition our staff hold current Paediatric First Aid qualifications and Safeguarding training as appropriate to their roles.


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