Class size

At nursery age, close attention to the needs of individual children is vital and the BCA is proud of the trust we receive from parents and children alike.

We often receive feedback about how the children have grown emotionally, gained confidence and become vastly more social after being with us for even a short period of time. This could not be achieved without giving the teachers the ability to form an in-depth understanding of all the children in our care, their needs, requirements and the idiosyncrasies, which make them all so special.

BCA teachers genuinely care a great deal about the children in their care and the BCA is extremely rigorous in ensuring that we maintain the right teacher-child balance across all groups.

The feeling of trust that comes with such understanding is a key element of the BCA approach and enabling the BCA children to feel safe and cared for while they play with their new friends.

6 months to walking1 teacher to 1 child
Walking to 2 years;1 teacher to 3 children
2 years to 3 years1 teacher to 6 children
3 years to 4 years1 teacher to 6 children
4 years to 5 years1 teacher to 6 children
5 years to 6 years1 teacher to 6 children