Formula, food & drinks

Our lives are very much defined by what we eat and drink. At the BCA, we take great care to provide a balanced menu and to accommodate any special requirements or diets the children may have.

We have an award winning British chef with over 25 years of cooking experience to add even more variety to the nursery menu while preserving our commitment to best practice in providing balanced nutrition to our children. Among his other achievements, Darren Brooks won 1st place for nursery cook in north London for providing delicious, balanced and healthy children’s food. Give your children the best, you won’t be the only parent sometimes wishing that you could also come to lunch at the nursery!

As well as using the standard food pyramid as a guide, we ensure that none of the food provided contains any added salt or sugar and is MSG free.

Additionally, as a safety precaution, we maintain refrigerated samples of all food given to children for 48hrs.