Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework for children from 9 months to 6 years old. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging children’s ability in the core skills of reading, writing and math.  We place high value on our ethos of pastoral care through which children’s personal, social and emotional skills can be sensitively developed and supported by both their teachers and by one another. Children are taught in small classes led by fully qualified teachers and supported by Teaching Assistants.  

Theme based learning

A thematic curriculum delivers teaching and learning through exciting and engaging units of work which connect and integrate traditional subject areas giving children context in their learning, as opposed to fragmented standalone subjects.

Themes act as umbrellas, under which all major subjects are covered for each year group, connected by the theme. It is an effective and inspiring way to learn, enabling children to link concepts between subjects and understands the world around them

We encourage regular outings in the local area and arrange many visits from members of our local and extended community.