Parental involvement

1. Provide a spare set of clothes to keep at the school; “just in case”.

2. Read the daily reports

3. Stay in touch…, good communication helps both parent and child to get the best experience.

Sharing ideas, plans and concerns

The development and growth of a child means that there are certain development milestones that are obvious, but along the way there are also more subtle aspects to growing up that require ongoing communication between parents, teachers and the school administrator.

To ensure that we are always in step with each other, we have three main ways of keeping the lines of communication open:

Daily Reports

At the end of each day, the teachers complete a small form that on which they record standard information and which also serves as a medium to announce any special news that is relevant. Typical information includes what the child has eaten, how much was eaten, how many times nappies were changed and whether it had wetted itself, filled it or remained dry and a short statement about that day’s activities.

Daily Pick-up, Drop-off

Whether you use the pick-up and drop-off service or not, you will get to see either a teacher or the administrator at some point during the day. Those are natural occasions that are ideal for a quick exchange on what is going on and are a good way for staying up-to-date.

Parent – Teacher Meetings

More formal are the parent-teacher meetings. We schedule those meetings every six months and they serve as an opportunity for parents to visit the school and to sit down for a prolonged chat with their children’s teacher. During that time, the parent will be given much of the work produced by the child and can also freely share their own ideas and perspectives on the BCA.

Additionally, you are welcome to pick up the phone or to schedule an appointment anytime you feel the need.